[MARUICHI SUN STEEL JSC] A pipe that supports people's lives with high rust prevention and cost performance.

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Our product "MARUICHI SUNSCO PZ" has extremely high rust prevention power, and is used in daily life such as scaffolding pipes that are indispensable in the field and steel pipes for agricultural use that are used outdoors such as greenhouses (green greenhouses) and orchard columns. Active in every scene. In addition, this product uses iron that is recyclable and adaptable to a sound-cycle society, and chromate-free coating that does not adversely affect people or the environment, and supports a sustainable society.

The secret of the high rust prevention of "MARUICHI SUNSCO PZ" is that it is made by using the latest Japanese equipment and advanced plating technology and painting technology. Therefore, it can withstand long-term use and guarantee high cost performance.

There is a secret to the structure of "MARUICHI SUNSCO PZ"!

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Strict endurance test!

In the corrosion acceleration test, "MARUICHI SUNSCO PZ" shows superior corrosion resistance to other companies' products.
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