[K-EST] We will meet the energy-saving and carbon-free needs of our customers' overseas bases!

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We (K-EST) are the Kansai Electric Power Group. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, we provide initial-less design, construction, and O & M for solar power generation, cogeneration, and high-efficiency chillers and boilers to meet the energy-saving and decarbonization needs of our customers' overseas bases (factories, etc.). To do!

As a member of the Kansai Electric Power Group, K-EST responds to energy concerns through various services!

We established K-EST in August 2018, and promote efforts to meet the diverse needs of customers, such as energy saving, cost saving, and CO2 saving, by proposing solutions related to the construction and operation of optimal energy systems in the Kingdom of Thailand. 
In this article, we will introduce three services: "on-site service," "energy-saving consulting service," and "I-REC service."

On-site service

This is a service in which we install equipment on the customer's premises and supply energy such as electricity and heat.

Energy saving consultants service

This is a a service that proposes energy-saving measures for equipment in the customer's factory.

I-REC service

This service is provided to customers in the form of "I-REC" (international Renewable Energy Certificate) by utilizing the mechanism for trading the environmental value of overseas renewable energy power generation.
If you would like to consider introducing it, please contact us by clicking the inquiry button below!
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