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販路開拓、市場動向・法規制のモニタリング、競合分析まで 海外進出・アジア事業の経営戦略がこれ1つで



Do you have such a problem in Asian business?

We propose usage methods that suit your job

3 Reasons to Choose

01 Improving the efficiency of information gathering operations
AI automatically extracts the information you want to know from more than 40 major English media in Asian countries and regions, including the English version of Nikkei and the Financial Times. Cover information with just one click.
02 Cost reduction for research and research
We deliver the industry's leading amount of information at a "low price" that can be realized only by a globally expanding media group. It can contribute to a drastic cost review in information gathering.
03 Specializing in Asian economies
Includes industry reports covering more than 100 industries in 6 Asian countries. It is ideal as basic data when creating proposals and reports.


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