[Nikko Kasei] Aiming to develop materials that have never existed in the world by bringing together diverse ideas and skills

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Nikko Kasei is a "material development manufacturer" that "blends" multiple resins to create materials with new functions. Unique "blending technology" = By blending different raw materials and combining high insulation, low dielectric properties, chemical resistance, heat resistance, anti-static properties, etc., we are creating a "composite material" that has never existed in the world.

Material to a new stage

Our basic electrical insulation technology and composite materials that apply it have evolved from nicolite laminated boards to a heat-resistant series with better heat resistance and heat insulation. Furthermore, as a new series, we have released a new series centered on elastomers with excellent heat dissipation characteristics.

Excellent heat insulation characteristics even at high temperatures "Rosnaboard" / Ultra-lightweight heat-resistant and insulating material "Callite" with a specific density of 1.0
"Rosna board" (upper image, left)
It is the highest grade of our heat resistant board products and is a long-selling product released in 1982. Rosna is one of the representative works of the research and development department, which sells high strength without changing its shape even under the harsh conditions of 20,000 hours at a high temperature of 400 degrees, and Nikko Kasei does not know. Even if you say that you know Rosna Board, this product is the origin of our company.

"Callite" (upper image, right)
The "Shinkansen," which is the "crystal of technological capabilities" that Japan is proud of. "Callite", which was originally developed by Nikko Kasei, is used as an insulating material for the control device of the car body. "Callite" is characterized by its weight being reduced to half that of conventional products so that it is suitable for high-speed driving while maintaining its electrical characteristics and strength.

Achieves insulation and high magnetic permeability at the same time "Magnetic laminate" / High heat dissipation and flexibility "Rosnagel sheet"
"Magnetic laminate" (upper image, left)
Magnetic laminated board is a high-performance laminated material that is completely different from conventional insulating materials, making the best use of the laminated board technology that Nikko Kasei has been researching for more than half a century.
By using it as a wedge material for stators such as generators and induction motors, it is possible to increase power by increasing efficiency, save energy, and design compact and lightweight. It can also be used as a magnetic shield material.

"Rosnagel sheet" (upper image, right)
As electronic devices become denser and thinner, it is necessary to reduce the effects of heat generated from parts. The highly flexible "Rosnagel sheet" is placed between the parts and effectively conducts the generated heat to the cooling system (heat sink, etc.). A sheet with excellent electrical insulation, which is ideal as a heat countermeasure for various electronic devices.

New challenges to create next-generation technology

In addition to the products developed in-house in the above series, we are promoting joint development such as "Open Innovation", which actively utilizes external resources for research and development and product development, and "Industry-Government-Academia Consortium" with university laboratories. We are developing state-of-the-art confidential projects that bring together Japanese manufacturing technologies.
It's not just about researching and developing new materials. In order to maximize the potential of the developed materials, we perform one-stop design, processing, molding, and componentization. By finishing it as a "finished product" based on appropriate materials, we meet the needs of a wide range of fields such as medical care, automobiles, vehicles, ships, aviation, and semiconductors.

Technological innovation by utilizing cooperation with specialized institutions. Promote contributions to the local community

There are two research institutes that support the development technology of Nikko Kasei, Osaka and Shiga. In Shiga, I am in charge of material development in various fields, and in Osaka, I am in charge of development in the medical and biotechnology fields. While refining our own core technology, we are developing high value-added materials in collaboration with public institutions such as industrial technology centers in each region, major companies, and local universities.

Research activities rooted in such areas have been recognized,
In 2018, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Regional Future Leading Company",
In 2019, the Small and Medium Business Administration "300 flapping SMEs and small businesses",
Osaka Prefecture "Osaka Manufacturing Excellent Company Award",
In 2021, it was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a "good health management corporation 2021".

We will continue to aim to be a "future-oriented company" that can contribute to the local community and society and realize further technological innovation.

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