[Business Engine Asia] "Overseas remote business trip agency" service-With Corona, After Corona era-

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Eliminate the worries of not being able to travel overseas due to corona sickness!
We provide "ASEAN overseas remote business trip agency" service.

Utilizing online conferencing systems such as Zoom from Japan, we provide an "ASEAN overseas remote business trip agency" service that allows you to conduct market research, business negotiations, site confirmation, participation in events, etc. as if you were in the field.

Three features of "ASEAN overseas remote business trip agency"

1. 1. Responding to needs that cannot be achieved without going to the site when overseas business trips are difficult
2. Utilize remote online tools that correspond to the times (Zoom, etc.)
3. 3. Since Japanese people are always stationed in ASEAN, it is possible to respond flexibly.

Background of the birth of "ASEAN overseas remote business trip agency"

Currently, under the influence of the new coronavirus, the necessary overseas business trips continue to be difficult.
In addition, even after the situation in each country including Japan has settled to some extent, it is predicted that there will be restrictions and conditions for cross-country travel.
On the other hand, remote work and remote business negotiations have been incorporated into daily operations, and the digitalization and online business scenes are rapidly advancing worldwide.
Since overseas business trips are costly and time-consuming, depending on the company or organization, even if the person in charge really needs it, it may be difficult to pass it even if you apply.
We thought that we might be able to respond to this situation, and we have planned this service so that we can make use of the strength that Japanese people are always stationed in ASEAN and act instead of business trips for everyone. It was.
Needs for "ASEAN overseas remote business trip agency"
・ I want to go on an overseas business trip, but I don't know when I can go in the current situation.
・ I was planning an overseas business trip, but I would like to make a substitute because it will be resolved if someone is present.
・ It is necessary to be present at an overseas site, but it is not necessary to go on a business trip, etc.
It is a service that can be used as a substitute for the needs of everyone's overseas business trips.

[Outline of "ASEAN overseas remote business trip agency" service]
Member Country:
Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, etc.
Assumed scene (example):
① Market / distribution inspection
(2) Regular sales visits / new visits (business negotiations)
③ Participation in exhibitions and events, making connections
④ Confirmation of delivery and witnessing at factories and warehouses



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