[NTT DATA Global Solutions] We support the transformation and growth of overseas business with ERP (Integrated Management Infrastructure)!

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NTT DATA Global Solutions will support business development in Asia and Japan by utilizing SAP solutions such as cloud ERP.

NTT DATA Global Solutions is a core company with a mission to support companies' businesses and take on the challenge of change by utilizing SAP solutions within the NTT DATA Group. We have abundant resources and technological capabilities globally in collaboration with group companies not only in Japan but also overseas.
NTT DATA Global Solutions will support business development in Asia and Japan by utilizing SAP solutions such as cloud ERP.

Issue (1) Immediate construction of a core system is required for the establishment of a new company

When expanding overseas, in order to prioritize the start-up of the business, the time to expand is decided in advance, and in some cases the period of system construction is limited, or it takes time to prepare for the establishment of a corporation and spends a lot of time on system construction. There are many cases where you cannot do it. SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP provided by SAP. Since core business functions such as sales, purchasing, accounting, and production are incorporated as standard functions, it is possible to start using them in a short period of time. In addition, since each business function is provided in units called "scenarios", it is possible to focus on the minimum necessary functions and start up early, and then expand the functions as needed.

The figure below is an example of our customer (character goods sales). Since it was decided to open a new store in Singapore, there was an urgent need to introduce an ERP / POS system. NTT DATA Global Solutions supported the introduction of SAP Business ByDesign, completed the system introduction within 2.5 months from the start of the project, and was able to welcome the opening of the new store on schedule.

Issue (2) Timely visualization of group company management status

If each group company uses a different system, or if the business data definition is different for each company even if the system is the same, it is not possible to grasp the business situation until the monthly settlement of each company is completed, and the time I can't make a liable decision. In addition, since each individual company needs to manually create a monthly report according to the format specified by the head office, data accuracy and reliability deteriorate due to work mistakes, and the head office report when the person in charge is absent due to the personalization of work. There are also many issues such as delays.

By introducing SAP Business ByDesign, which is a cloud-based ERP, the latest status of each company can be checked in real time from the head office side. In addition, a wealth of reporting functions required for management decisions are also provided, making it possible to check the management status of the entire group at a glance from the head office, making it possible to make swift management decisions.

Furthermore, by introducing a system common to all companies, business processes and operations will be standardized, so business efficiency and data accuracy will be improved, as well as remote business execution and accounting, human resources, purchasing, and other business execution centers in Corona. BPO) conversion is also possible.

Issue ③ Overall optimization of IT resources and costs is required

When expanding overseas, in the case where a different system is introduced for each base, not only the system introduction cost and the repair cost for dealing with the business customs and legal systems of each country, but also the IT staff for operating the system Assignments are also required, which increases the burden on people and costs. In terms of security and governance, individual company-specific care is required for information leakage and detection of fraudulent processing.

By making SAP Business ByDesign, which is a cloud-based ERP, a common mechanism for the entire group, it is possible to provide IT support for all bases in one place, eliminating the need to assign IT personnel to each base. .. In addition, the monthly usage fee includes not only server maintenance and data backup / recovery, but also automatic function expansion to comply with the latest legal system, resulting in total IT cost reduction and business. It is also possible to respond quickly to changes in the environment.

In addition to cost, by consolidating IT operations in one place, access control and unauthorized data checking can be centrally managed, which is a great advantage in terms of security and governance.

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