[11/18 video added] "Myanmar Job Fair" -For Japanese human resources in science-

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Opportunity to hire talented science personnel who are fluent in Japanese in Myanmar! We also offer free training after joining the company.

[Plan contents]: Myanmar human science recruitment plan for excellent Kansai companies
【format】: Online interview using ZOOM, Skype, etc.
[Interview schedule]: December 7th (Monday) to 12th (Saturday), 2020
Please specify the desired date from the above period.
【Entry fee】: 100,000 yen (excluding tax)
[Success fee]: 850,000 yen (per person who accepts the offer, including training fee after joining the company, tax not included)
[Organizer]: Nikkei HR, Univard
[Support]: Kansai Economic Federation ABC Platform
【Cooperation】: Ehle institute, MORI KOSAN Co.Ldt (WA.SA.Bi.) (WA. SA. Bi.)
[Contact]: UNIBIRD Co., Ltd. CEO Empi Kandel
E-mail: np.kandel@gounibird.com
Tel: 03-6863-4348, Mobile: 080-4365-1243
[Characteristics of this project]: The interview target is Myanmar science personnel. Japanese for about a year after graduating from university
I am studying and have a high level of Japanese ability, which is the N2 level of JLPT.
You can communicate well in Japanese even during an online interview.
It is possible to join the company in the spring of 2021 at the earliest as an immediate force.
Also in this project After joining the company to improve the retention rate
         We will hold a public training for newcomers in Kansai (Osaka or Kyoto).

* The number of interviewers is 5 to 10 per person to be hired. Ask in advance what faculties and majors you would like to hire,
The secretariat will narrow down the candidates from the database.
* For details on the contents of this project and how to apply for participation, please refer to the above [Contact].
Please contact Empi Kandel.

◆ We have created a video that introduces the contents of this project and the features of Myanmar's science personnel.
It's about 10 minutes. Please take a look.
* Please also refer to the event leaflet attached at the bottom of the video.

We have added the second video, please have a look! (11/18)
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