Visit to ASEAN Human Resources Recruiting Company I have visited AKAKABE Co., Ltd.

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AKAKABE Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. is a community-based drug store.
By taking measures such as medical care, long-term care services, and health prevention
We aim to build a local health infrastructure.

Looking at the management policy of the website, I was impressed by how wonderful the company was.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
A company full of "thank you"
Each one has roots, and it may be a small force alone,
If a lot of power is gathered, the whole area can shine.
A lot of "thank you" spreads to make the person in front of you happy.
And the whole area can be illuminated with "happiness".
(Excerpt from homepage)
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

It's kind of safe to have such a drugstore in the area.

As you can see in the report, what is wonderful is Mr. Maeda of the Overseas Business Department who responded to the interview.
Being able to speak for the president's thoughts. I think this is really amazing.

Not only the president's thoughts but also his vision for the future are shared, and he likes the president's thoughts after all.

Having such a person is also a property for the company, isn't it?

In addition, Mr. Chin, a Vietnamese, fell in love with Mr. Maeda's personality and decided to join the company.
I fell in love with people and joined the company ...
That's great.

Mr. Chin not only knew about the company on HP and shared it with the philosophy, but also
From there, he decided to fall in love with Maeda-sama's personality.
It is important to prepare the environment in the company, but such connections between people are important.
It may be appropriate that a chain of thoughts was born.

Mr. Chin participated in Global Talent & Business Meet Up in Da Nang,
He was also active as an interpreter there and gained trust.
He said that he would like to become a bridge with Vietnam and contribute to trade operations and market development.
AKAKABE Co., Ltd. is aiming to develop 500 stores dominant,

We aim to be a supporter of Osaka. You can expect more and more success.

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Production: Corporation NIKAYA Human Resources Coordination Division Hideo Nishino
Edited by: Ehle institute Kanako Kamihori
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