Visit to ASEAN Human Resources Recruiting Company I visited Tetsuya Shinbo Atelier Co., Ltd.

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I visited Tetsuya Shinbo's atelier on March 10th.
It started at a first-class architect office,
Currently, it is centered around waffle cake shops.
Waffle cake shop RL

Tetsuya Shinbo's atelier, which started as a first-class architect office,
Not only architecture but also interior, furniture, tableware,
Furthermore, from the desire to design even the food on the plate
It was in 1991 that a waffle cake specialty store was established.
Originally European waffles have been developed with Japanese sensibility.

Yale El's waffle is "Japanese waffle".
Instead of spreading the Belgian waffles as they are
He says that he is aiming to send waffles created with Japanese sensibility from Japan.

Have you ever tried Yale El's waffles?
Just like the picture in this article,
I'm hungry while uploading photos.

There is also a shop in Namba Takashimaya.
Ehle institute very close to Yale Gakuen
The other day, I was very pleased to give the Korokoro Waffle to an acquaintance who is indebted to me.
You can also order from the internet, so
Please visit our website to see it.
I heard an interesting story in this interview.
It seems that students will breathe new life into the image of the brand that has been loved.
It seems that rebranding is in progress as we celebrate the 30th anniversary.
At the turning point, students' ideas come together.
What kind of development will be done? I'm really looking forward to it (^^ ♪

We are not hiring foreigners now, but the fact that we are actively working with students and schools means that we are actively working with them.
It may not be long before foreigners have an opportunity to play an active role.

The reason is that efforts for cross-border EC are also underway.
If you can gain popularity overseas,
This is because we are also considering the development of actual stores.

In that case, not only local staff but also training in Japan will be required. ?? ??
There are many hints on the efforts of Tetsuya Shinbo Atelier.
For example, [Collaboration with school].
・ Cooperation in product development
・ Student idea competition
・ Future human resource development
This kind of initiative will be an experience for students and will broaden the range of employment.
We will also track the attempts towards the 30th anniversary.
What kind of product? What kind of development? I'm excited just thinking about it (^^

By the way, a waffle with crackling candy of dead material waffle.
A certain ice cream popping ○○? I miss you a long time ago.
This collaboration can't be helped.
Resale? I strongly hope that it can be resold as a prototype (laughs).
I would like all of you who are watching to cooperate with students and schools.
Maybe some people have it?
If you listen to such voices, we will connect you (^^ ♪)
This report is based on the pamphlet and store image of Tetsuya Shinbo's atelier.
We laid it out so that it wouldn't feel strange even if you put it in the pamphlet.

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Production: Corporation NIKAYA Human Resources Coordination Division Hideo Nishino
Edited by: Kanako Uehori, Ehle institute
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