[Applications accepted] University of Indonesia x Japanese companies / organizations Industry-government-academia online exchange meeting

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Prolonged corona bruise, Indonesian college students
Opportunities for studying in Japan, internships in Japan, and employment are limited.
Now is the time for Japanese industry-government-academia collaboration to provide networking opportunities.
It's time to make stronger connections online.

〇 UNIVERSITAS PADJADJARAN (Padjadjaran University)

Japanese language teachers and students studying Japanese at this university are scheduled to participate.

The Japanese side also gathered at industry, government, and academia centered on more than 50 companies.
Through online meetings continuously after the event
We will continue the relationship between Indonesia and Japan.

Companies and governments interested in Indonesian university students
Business owners who are considering expanding into Indonesia,
Recruiters interested in internships for young Indonesian talent
Anyway, Japanese industry-government-academia people who are interested in the keyword [Indonesia] etc ...

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[Important] In preparation for this exchange meeting,
We have set up a forum for exchanging opinions between participating companies and our sponsored, co-sponsored, and sponsored members.

Talk firmly at the meeting,
We will carry out in the style of challenging the production in July.
Let's build stronger bonds, liven up together, and aim for a successful event.

Pre-meeting date and time: May 10th 16: 30- (ZOOM will be held)

* There is no confirmation of attendance at the pre-meeting.
For those who apply for the July event listed below,
We will email you the ZOOM URL of the pre-meeting

[Click here to apply for this event held on July 12]
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■ Purpose
1. Promotion of exchanges between Indonesian university students and Japanese companies
2. Industry-government-academia collaboration
3. Promotion of corporate advancement
4.EXPO2025 PR of Osaka / Kansai Expo, etc.

■ Outline of the event
[Sunday]: July 12, 2022 (Tuesday) 16: 00-Reception starts 16: 30-Start 18:30
[Place]: Held online (using ZOOM)

[Main event]: Ehle institute / Indonesia Research Institute
[Co-sponsored]: Asian Business Creation Platform Human Resources Development and Utilization Project (Kansai Economic Federation),
International Student Support Consortium Osaka, clubhouse Global Republic, MORI KOSAN Co.Ldt (WA.SA.Bi.) Co., Ltd. (WA. SA. Bi.)

[Support]: Kansai Economic Federation (pending), Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, JETRO Osaka, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
[Expense]: Free

[Application]: https://forms.gle/V2QQ2wbBorAmwmaX6 (To Google Forms)
We have already applied for nearly 50 companies.
Since the number of seats you can participate in is limited,
If you are interested, we are waiting for your application as soon as possible.

[Click here to apply]
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