AI-Driven Patent Evaluation Simulator "AI Samurai ®"

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AI Samurai® is the AI-Driven software system that evaluates what kind of publicly known exist for ideas and inventions created by users, as well as the possibility of obtaining a patent for the invention.

AI Samurai® has built its own database by acquiring patent data from Japan, the U.S., and China held by the Japan Patent Office. AI Samurai® has three functions which are the prior art search, clearance search, and invalidity search, and one search can be completed in about 10 seconds. By using AI Samurai®, the user can reduce the time and outsourced search cost.

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AI Samurai Inc.: 
The screen shown above is a function that AI automatically generates a search formula from the entered invention text. When you input the content of invention in text, AI Samurai® visualizes the mechanism of extracting similar documents and generates the search formula automatically. The search formula generated by AI Samurai can be edited by the user. It is possible to realize a patent search in which AI and users collaborate, which is not possible in the conventional patent search system.
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