Seminar on "A New Lab Thinking of a Researcher Group" Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

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Do you know the option of "Share Lab"? For researchers, setting up their own lab is a costly and time-consuming problem. The use of "Share Lab" is increasing as a means to solve these problems.

Researcher groups this time to operate a "Shearabo" for start-up in the medical industry city, Kobe Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. open and, next year, the "Shearabo" in Northern Osaka medical health city in which the Research Center for National Cardiovascular is located (Kent) Introducing the latest "Share Lab" cases from Kyoto Research Park.

We will also invite R & D developers who are using the laboratory to hold a talk session about the future of the laboratory, so please join us.


■日 時:2021年5月13日(木)15:00~16:00
■会 場:オンライン(Zoomウェビナー)


■主 催:京都リサーチパーク株式会社
■お問合せ:京都リサーチパーク株式会社 新事業開発部 担当:長田
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