The 1st Vietnam-Kansai Startup Forum was held on November 5th (Friday)

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In cooperation with the Vietnam Consulate General in Osaka, JETRO Hanoi Office, and JETRO Osaka Headquarters, we held an event to introduce Vietnamese startups. After receiving an introduction from the JETRO Hanoi office about the current situation of Vietnamese startups and J-Bridge's efforts from the JETRO Osaka headquarters, we pitched five carefully selected Vietnamese startups and one major company. The Japanese presentation developed by AIMESOFT by automatic narration using AI made me feel the near future, and I felt that I was better at Japanese than foreigners who were good at Japanese. I also felt great potential for Phenikaa X, which has developed autonomous driving technology in a short period of time and has advanced to demonstration experiments. Through such efforts, the Kansai Economic Federation ABC Platform will continue to provide opportunities for new business creation between ASEAN and Japanese companies.

The event information

○ Date and time: Friday, November 5, 2021 15: 00-17: 10
○ Organizer: Vietnam Consulate General in Osaka, JETRO Hanoi Office, JETRO Osaka Headquarters,
Kansai Economic Federation ABC Platform
○ Participation fee: Free
○ Contents (online event by ZOOM)
1. Opening and greetings
2. Current status of Vietnamese startups (JETRO Hanoi office)
3. JETRO's J-Bridge Initiatives (JETRO / Osaka Headquarters)
4. Pitch of 5 Vietnamese startups and 1 large company (12 minutes for each company + 3 minutes for questions)
Language used: Vietnamese-Japanese simultaneous interpretation

Five Vietnamese startups on stage
1. Aimesoft
We are developing an automatic reception system using AI, and recently it was adopted for the virtual reception of "Nine Hours Hakata Station" (capsule hotel).
Optimize logistics and supply chains by utilizing AI, machine learning, big data analysis, etc. Streamline logistics in each process of port-factory-transportation-wholesale-retail.
3. Smartlog
Specializing in logistics management solutions, major logistics companies, including Japanese companies, manufacturers and retailers are currently introducing the Smartlog ecosystem.
4. PhenikaaX
An in-house venture of the Phenikaa Group, which is working on autonomous driving, announced a prototype vehicle of autonomous driving level 4 (highly autonomous driving).
5. eDoctor
It provides the earliest home-based online healthcare solutions and services in Vietnam, with approximately 270,000 users.

One big Vietnamese company to take the stage
It is the largest telecommunications company in Vietnam and wants to collaborate with Japanese companies in the fields of healthcare, education and smart cities.

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