[Ubuntu Hub] Education solution for internet unconnected learners

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Ubuntu Hub is focused on enabling access to education to learners in unconnected or underserved communities.
We are a blockchain-based learning network with the goal of bringing education to unconnected communities in rural locations of the world. Our startup was formed in February 2021 and consist of 4 members with experience in education technology, telecommunications and social enterprise. We are yet to register our company officially but plans are underway to do so in Kyoto city, Japan. At the core of our business is a proprietary technology, the Ubuntu Box (U-Box) which is a blockchain-enabled community-based Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) through which users can access online education platforms in almost real-time at an optimal and affordable cost.
While our technology solves for learners in unconnected regions across the world, our pilot deployment will target Nigeria as this is where we have prior experienced and have deployed similar solution for education in the past. We are also interested in expanding to rural areas in ASEAN countries where internet is not available.
Currently, we are building the first U-Box prototype and sourcing for partners. 

Ubuntu Hub website: https://www.ubuntuhub.org

The first prize at Japan Hackathon 2021.
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