【AC Biode】 CircuLite: 石炭灰・バイオマス灰を

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Ash from power plants, such as coal ash or biomass ash, causes tremendous air pollution and mostly ends up in landfills as harmful waste. We have developed the technology and process to recycle waste ashes to reduce its harm. In the case of coal ash, harmful elements including F, Se, B, Cr, As, etc. are removed using proprietary processes. The end-product is further re-utilized in the form of multifunctional chemical composite with numerous applications in providing environmental solutions for businesses. The proprietary process produces a porous and electric-charged chemical composites with a high ion exchange capacity: a Type-Na — used to absorb harmful substances in air and water such as pollutants, odor, bacteria and viruses, and a Type-Ca — used to improve degraded or contaminated soil for agriculture use.
The technology has been proven and utilized by a utility company in Japan and another company in Asia. The technology owner is interested in technology licensing collaboration

Targets of this technology: owners of coal-fired power plants or biomass power plants

UNIDO ITPO Tokyo’s Sustainable Technology Promotion Platform (STePP)
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