[Sagri] Farmland Visualization solutions by Sagri Satellite, AI/ML and GRID.

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Sagri provides solutions for social problems i.e food security, environmental problems through combining satellite data, grid data, ground big data. We are creating the combination of AI/ML, satellite data and GRID data for delivering solutions.

Satellite-based detection and monitoring system for abandoned farmland: ACTABA
The degree of abandonment is expressed in shades of polygons by crossing satellite data with agricultural data. Visualization of farmland information and detection of abandoned farmland can now be done on the web. This will facilitate the monitoring of abandoned farmland, which was previously carried out visually.
Crossing agricultural big data with satellite data, we are currently conducting demonstration experiments to predict wheat yields and improve protein content in India market. In addition, we are applying the ACTABA know-how mentioned above to develop digital transformation (DX) for the purpose of "farmland visualization" for farmers.
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