New Year greetings

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Happy New Year.
Thank you very much for your kindness during the old year.

We will continue to strive to further improve the activities of the subcommittee this year, so we will provide further support.
Thank you for your patronage.

In 2022, Nishimura of the Career Support Office of Ehle institute, a project manager company of the subcommittee,
YOU TUBE debuts on TikTok! !! !!
We are planning to shoot and introduce PR videos and dialogue videos of companies, so stay tuned! !!

Regarding events, in February, Da Nang University of Technology, Da Nang Foreign Language University, Industry-Government-Academia Online Exchange Meeting,
In April, we will hold a Global Talent & Business Meetup for the purpose of interacting with Vietnamese companies and government agencies and strengthening industry-government-academia collaboration.
looking forward to.

Now, I wish you good health and happiness, and I would like to make a New Year's greeting.
Also we would like would appreciate your favor this year.

New Year's Day, 4th year of Reiwa
ABC Platform HR Development/Utilization

Click here for the first 2022 exchange meeting ↓
We are accepting highly acclaimed applications.
17th ABC Platform Regular Meeting
HR Development/Utilization Seminar & Information Exchange Meeting with International Student Support Consortium Osaka
(Tuesday 16: 30 ~, 2022/1/18)

[Sunday]: Tuesday, January 18, 2022 Japan time 16: 30-18: 30
[Place]: WEB held ZOOM will be used for the event.
[Membership fee]: Free
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