[ICT Co., Ltd.] The ultrasonic flowmeter as a new generation standard flowmeter (insertion type, clamp type)
Achieves excellent advantages in terms of accuracy and cost without water outage and construction for installation required

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No water outage, no construction required: Designed to be installed on ball valves or gate valves on your pipelines.
High accuracy: ± 0.5% in all range (no dead zone)
Manufacturer's guaranteed minimum detection flow velocity: 0.003 m / sec
Low price: Especially as a large-diameter flowmeter, it has a significant cost advantage over the conventional electromagnetic type.
Ease of use: An interactive LCD screen with a touch panel helps users in maintenance and operation.

Please consider our ultrasonic flowmeter, a combination of high-performance devices and the latest digital technology.

Representative model of insertion type ultrasonic flowmeter

Can be attached to existing ball valves /gate valves. In this case, no water outage or no construction work is required.
High-precision measurement in the entire range from ultra-low flow velocity 0.003m / sec to ± 20.000m / sec. (Accuracy ± 0.5%)
Multi-sensor types DT-2 and DT-3 are for more accurate measurement in places where the flow velocity distribution is complicated.
The applicable pipe diameter is DN80-DN2000.
The interactive controller allows the user to configure, modify, and maintain easily.
For details, from  the product page 

Designed so that the sensor rod is inserted only slightly into the pipe.

Mainly used for high flow velocity piping.
Others are almost the same as the ULSONA DT series.
The applicable pipe diameter is DN80-DN300
For details, from the product page 

ULSONA DT series low power consumption type.

The optimal model for flow rate surveys uses batteries for a certain period.
The function is the same as the DT series.
For details,product page 

Clamp type ultrasonic flow meter.

Pursuing ease of use. Easy to install and set up with an interactive controller.
The sensor unit is the smallest in the industry and can be installed even in a narrow piping space.
It also features unique functions such as a water temperature detection function, an unknown pipe thickness detection function, etc.
The accuracy is the same as the DT series.

For details, from the product page 

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