1st Singapore-Kansai Startup Business Meeting
It will be held on December 7th (Tuesday)

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In collaboration with Enterprise Singapore (ESG), we have organized an event to introduce startups related to long-term care and aging from Singapore. In the first part of this event, six Singapore startups will pitch. In the second part, we are planning to hold a business meeting by soliciting interview requests in advance. Through such efforts, the Kansai Economic Federation ABC Platform hopes to provide opportunities for new business creation between ASEAN and Japanese companies. We welcome your participation.

Event overview

○ Date and time: Tuesday, December 7, 2021 13: 00-17: 00 (Part 1 13: 00-14: 20, Part 2 14: 30-17: 00)
○ Organizer: Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Kansai Economic Federation ABC Platform
Co-sponsored by: Japan ASEAN Center Sponsored by: Jetro Osaka Headquarters
○ Participation fee: Free
○ Contents and application method
Part 1: Singapore Startup Online Pitch Event (ZOOM)
Language: English, please apply at the link below. Application deadline 12/3 (Friday)
Part 2: One-on-one online individual business meeting (ZOOM) between interested companies 30 minutes.
Language: English or Japanese (some interpreters will be provided). Please apply from the link below.
At that time, please select the startup (see the next page) for which you would like to have individual business negotiations. Deadline 11/30 (Tuesday)

[Singapore startup related to nursing care and aging society]

1. Techmetics Robotics (Automated in-building transportation), Techmetics product introduction
Techmetics Robotics is involved in a number of indoor automated transportation robots. In healthcare, the robots are used in hospitals and nursing homes for the automated transport of food, medicines and medical samples, linen and waste. It has a maximum load of 250 kg, a maximum speed of 1.5 m/s, runs for 13 hours on a full charge and can be controlled by a smartphone.

2. Neeuro (Digital therapeutic solutions utilising neurofeedback), Neeuro product introduction
Neeuro’s vision is to empower all of us to take control of brain health challenges through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Therapeutics. Our Digital Solutions work seamlessly with the Neeuro SenzeBand, a passive, low-powered EEG headset that is designed and produced by Neeuro in Singapore, and with NeeuroOS, Neeuro’s proprietary AI platform, that enables the Neeuro SenzeBand to interpret mental states from raw EEG signals. NeeuroFIT for Seniors is one of our Digital Solutions that can used to give seniors opportunities to constantly keep mentally active and healthy. It helps improves and maintains attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making and cognitive flexibility skills.

3. Soundeye (Sound recognition technology), Soundeye product introduction
SoundEye core technology is related to sound recognition technology, capable of detecting abnormal sounds such as screaming, severe coughing and explosion. SoundEye's solution is currently being employed in many places such as the airport, nursing homes and orphanages that enhance staff productivity, ensure the safety of residents round the clock and respond to incidents swiftly without undue delay.

4. Illuminating Asia / HeatSig (Heat sensor), HeatSig product introduction
HeatSig is a start-up in the Illuminating Asia group of companies, working on heat sensors that are able to capture almost >728 temperature points within a fixed area, both people and the environment, which are reflected as a coloured heatmap on a dashboard. It can also identify humans and specific objects in a space via big data. This technology makes it possible to monitor the body temperature of caregivers and patients, sending an alert immediately to care personnel when detecting any abnormalities (such as a motionless individual). 

5. OSOME Food ((Nutrition-focused, plant-based food), URL; OSOME Food product introduction
OsomeFood is a nutrition-focused, plant-based company incorporated in Singapore. We are all about making positive impact on your health and are passionate about providing nutritious functional food that nourishes the body. We stand by an ethical approach with zero-tolerance to anything that would not do our bodies and the planet well. Every ingredient we use to craft our products is pure and natural without any artificial vitamin fortifications for highest bioavailability. Plus, none of our products contain gluten, refined sugars, dairy, preservatives, stabilizers, additives or fake stuff of any kind and hence making our products elderly and patient friendly.
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