ABCプラットフォーム Top Meeting開催 9月4日

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ABCプラットフォームは関経連松本会長並びに対象7ヵ国の経済団体TopによるTop Meetingをオンラインで開催。コロナ克服にむけて、メンバー各国間での連携を強化し、結果を出していくことを確認。

ABC Platform held a Top Meeting online by Mr.Matsumoto, the Chairman of Kankeiren and the Tops of Economic Organizations in seven member countries.
It was confirmed that ABC Platform will strengthen cooperation among member countries and deliver results of business creation by overcoming COVID-19.


This Top Meeting attended by the top of economic organizations in 8 countries followed the 1st General Meeting in April 2019. The 2nd General Meeting, which was scheduled in September this month, was postponed to next year due to COVID-19, so we connected the top economic groups online and shared the COVID-19 situation, economic situation, and business environment of each country. ABC Platform confirmed the strengthening cooperation among the eight countries and the importance of the delivery of results in order to create new businesses.
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