Thai‐Japan Smart Farmingセミナー参加

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2019年9月15‐22日在阪タイ総領事館主催Thailand & Japan Smart Farmingツアーに参加。農業部会PMのクボタが、タイ側から参加した企業人・学生約250名の前を前にして農機中心にプレゼン実施し、自社の先端スマート農業技術を紹介した。

Export of smart agricultural technology
On September 15-22, 2019, participated in Thailand & Japan Smart Farming tour hosted by Thai Consulate General in Osaka. Kubota, PM of the Agricultural WG, gave a presentation mainly on agricultural machinery in front of about 250 business people and students who participated from the Thai side, and introduced their advanced smart agricultural technology.
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