Creating Business

Between Asia and Kansai

The Kansai Economic Federation has been building cooperative relationships with many economic organizations in Asia through years of steady activities. The “Asia Business Creation Platform” is launched aiming to deepen our ties further with these Asian economic organizations with promoting collaboration in the field of human resources, technologies, services etc to create new business.


① General meeting ── Determine activity policies and share performances and tasks

The ABC Platform, which consists of the Kansai Economic Federation and Asian Business Organizations, holds a general meeting once a year to decide on activity policies and share performances and tasks.

② Thematic Working Group ── Promotion of specific initiatives for business creation

Thematic Working Groups (TWG) are established for each area of interest in both Asian countries and Japan, and each TWG will promote specific initiatives to create new businesses under Project Managers selected from participating companies and organizations.
〈 New TWGs are flexibly built as necessary 〉

③ Business creation between companies and organizations

Country Member

Strong cooperation among economic organizations in Asia

In order to achieve further economic development together with Asian countries, in cooperation with economic organizations in seven Asian countries, promote cooperation among human resources, technologies, services, etc. among companies and organizations in each country and work on creating new businesses You.


Let's Create Business!
between Asia and Kansai

Asia and the Kansai region are very strongly connected geographically, culturally and historically, and have cultivated sense of closeness on both sides.
In terms of economy, Kansai's "Mono-dzukuri (Manufacturing)" and "Innovative services", which have been driving the development of the Japanese economy, are playing a major role in the further economic growth of Asia, where a remarkably large consumer market is emerging. In addition, Asia's excellent technology and business model has the potential to lead to big business in Kansai.
The ABC Platform will leverage such various links between Asia and Kansai to specifically work on creating and expanding bi-directional business between Asia and Kansai. I hope that Asian and Kansai companies and organizations participating in this platform will frankly discuss, promote human exchange, and create new businesses. I am convinced that each concrete result of the platform will contribute to the economic development of Asia, Kansai and even Japan.

Chairman, Kansai Economic Federation