[Mycotech Lab] Sustainable leather-like material from mushroom, MYLEA

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Mycotech Lab (MYCL) is a bio-based material startup from Indonesia. Founded in 2015 by five co-founders: Adi Reza, Ronaldiaz Hartantyo, Annisa Wibi, Robbi Zidna Ilman, Arekha Bentang. MYCL objectives are to grow material using mushroom mycelium as a natural adhesive. By collaborating with local mushroom farmers to produce sturdy, lightweight products from strong, organic fibers that are formed into custom shapes, including BIOBO boards, a binderless board using mushroom mycelium as natural adhesive, and MYLEA, a leather-like material which fully grown using mushroom mycelium. MYCL utilizes agricultural waste and turns them into the material. With a variety of material characteristics, mycelium material potential is endless.

MYCL understands that the fashion industry contributes to global warming, and the leather industry is included. Using MYLEA, they believe, can make fashion more sustainable. MYLEA aims to disrupt animal and petroleum-based leather and has a safe chemical treatment process that is better for the environment.

MYCL collaborates with various organizations, designers, and brands to develop mushroom leather into end products and inspire people on how our future might look like. MYCL successfully created different kinds of products using MYLEA. So far, they have produced prototypes for watches, shoes, sandals, wallets, bags, and clutch. MYCL successfully build connections and collaboration both locally and globally, from small-medium artisans to billion-dollar companies.

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