[Osome Food] Nutrition-focused, plant-based foods for your better health and sustainable society

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OsomeFood is a food innovation company based in Singapore, offering a portfolio of revolutionary plant-based, nutrition-focused functional food. OsomeFood products are designed to be better for people and the planet, while retaining texture and taste of animal-based meat. OsomeFood believes that its products can positively shape a better future by improving human health, reducing carbon footprint and ensuring a sustainable approach to consuming our earth’s natural resources.
We believe in harnessing the combined powers of superfood ingredients without messing with their natural benefits, to create food for maximum nutrition and optimal absorption that fully nourishes and revitalises the body.
In line with our strict zero-tolerance policy:
●All ingredients are natural and ensured that they are beneficial to the body.
●Handpicked, sorted and washed with alkaline ionized water, organic soap and ultrasonic washers to remove pesticides and insecticides.
●All herbs are selected based on quality and the effectiveness.
●An absolute restriction on dairy, wheat, artificial additives, artificial preservatives, trans-fat, cholesterol and contaminants.
●To ensure highest bioavailability, we do not allow any additives, fortifications, extracts and synthetics and isolates.

Entailing that, we make every effort to ensure our food is packed with maximum nutrients with high bioavailability through the following low heat, nutrient-optimizing processes.
Our food products are considered Superfood as they are meticulously developed to provide unparalleled health benefits to our customers mainly:
● to boost overall immunity
● to improve gastrointestinal health
● to delay signs of aging
● to reduce overall inflammatory to improve overall health
Many other health functions are in the pipeline.
Our products are currently distributed to HORECA, clinics and wellness centers, nurseries and geriatric homes among others. We are also looking to expand into FMCG in the short term future.
OsomeFood is a refreshing option especially if one considers that a lot of the food choices contain many chemicals and contaminants that affects personal health and wellbeing. Being highly nutritious, clean, free of contaminants due to unique preparation methods, and 100% plant-based, OsomeFood’s long-term goal is to kickstart and normalise consumption of such diets as we believe that this is the better way to eat for overall wellness.

Osomefoods website: www.osomefood.com

Vegan boiled egg: Osome egg from mycoprotein
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