[PEEL & Co] The "Next-Gen Material" platform that tackles food loss, protects animal rights and stops global warming!

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At PEEL, we combine luxury fashion with sustainability and circularity. Our vision is to achieve zero carbon by 2050 and our mission is to innovate with upcycled ingredients. Our technology upcycles fruits and vegetables to low impact bio-based vegan leather and our manufacturers create custom-designed products empowering corporates to join the race towards "Net Zero" by 2050. We are now in R&D on coconut husk and shell with mango peel to follow. Sustainability is at the heart of our mission and we are committed to achieve United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

To learn more about PEEL, visit https://linktr.ee/peelco

Fruit Peel
Coconut husk and shell
Upcycling of low impact materials for PEEL’s handbags
The Concept of PEEL
PEEL’s first handbag – Merlot
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