[HeatSig] Heatmap technology with existing lightings

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HeatSig is a part of “Illuminating Asia SG Pte Ltd”, who have the technologies of lighting design, consultancy, supply and Installation. With more than 12 years of our experiences, we established HeatSig to launch SMART lighting product that does more than illumination. We have already established the ability to gather data on football, human traffic movements using heat emitted from people. And we are now applying the heat data analysis technology into healthcare and elderly care, retail, industrial or commercial areas.

Benefits of HeatSig
1. Based on existing lighting layout for an effective (almost 100%) coverage of any floorspace
2. Low cost, easy installation, using existing lighting electrical circuitry (Just like a lighting replacement job)
3. Gives instant insights to any floor space for preventive or reactive management of an environment
4. Able to work with other technology / hardware for a higher level building facility and users management system
5. Eco friendly, using existing common building infrastructures rather than adding all new parts

Website of lluminating Asia SG Pte Ltd:
Example of Heatmap obtained by HeatSig technology
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