[Hand Plus Robotics] We help companies deploy the robotics automation by using our APP+ technology!

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We help companies deploy the robotics automation that they need by using our APP+ technology, which makes it easy for robots to do unstructured picking, especially in challenging environments like warehouses or difficult items.

With APP+, Hand Plus can offer 3 types of robotic picking solutions:
(1) Pick+ (fast picking for high-mix high-volume application or multiple-item-type-in-a-bin-picking).
(2) Move+ (Pick+ robot mounted on an AGV for low-volume picking and for moving between picking stations/machines).
(3) Pack+ (Pick+ that combines labeling and packing for one-stop order fulfillment solution).

Our APP+ software platform has all the modules needed to build any picking solution
- from robotics (motion planning, navigation, etc), vision (identification, inspection, pose estimation, etc), gripper (grasp analysis, grasp strategy, etc), and system (integration manager, ERP interfacing, error management, etc).
APP+, which stands for AI-Powered Picking and More, incorporates AI and ML in handling specific tasks, like the item identification for the vision, and grasp analysis for the gripper.

In our experience the real reason why it is difficult to adopt robotics and automation for a factory or warehouse is simple – every picking problem is unique. It is likely that 2 companies handling similar types of product will implement different robotics solution. Why? Because every robotic picking situation has 2 main sub-problems - the technical and the commercial. Technically, picking is challenging because of 3Ps – the Place such as a warehouse or the factory environmental condition is not designed for robots. The Product itself may be difficult to see or pick by a robot. And lastly, the Picking process may require human dexterity. On the business side, there are 3Cs that our clients always consider: that their picking problem is Complex and not as simple as they thought it was. That there are many technologies available in the market and they do not know how to Choose the right one. Lastly, they worry about the Cost, that the money they would spend would not satisfy their business case.

Our value proposition is also 2-fold. Using our technology, we make it possible for robots to do picking. Commercially, we help the clients navigate the journey to realize the solution that they need. In our survey of our target market, clients said that Hand Plus’ value is in helping them select the right technology and implement it for them.

If you have any question, plese contact from our website!
Website : https://www.handplusrobotics.com/
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