ABC Platform supports Webinar " Risk management of Japanese companies in south east asian countries" conducted by Resona Group

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The Immigration and Immigration Control Agency Speaks! Basic Seminar on Accepting Foreign Talent - Learn from cases where employment of foreign human resources has led to new overseas expansion".
In this seminar, the Immigration and Residency Management Agency, which has a wealth of practical experience, will provide information on how to properly and effectively develop the environment for accepting foreign human resources, as well as how to accept foreign human resources. Former international students working for Japanese companies as well as companies hiring foreign human resources will be on stage to share their real-life experiences.

Please join us for the following event co-sponsored by Resona Bank, Ltd.

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 22, 2023, 15:00-16:30
Method: Hybrid format (20 participants on site, 100 participants online)
Part 1: 15:05-16:15
Points to be noted regarding acceptance methods and environmental improvement concerning acceptance of foreign human resources
Lecturer: Mr. Hiroki Shibata, Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau

(2) Examples of utilization of foreign students by companies
Speaker: Ms. Mizue Saji, Representative Director, Areasvertue Co.
Duy Agung Nugraha, MORI KOSAN Co.Ldt (WA.SA.Bi.)

Part 2: 16:20~
Limited to participants at the venue! Ask the Immigration and Immigration Control Agency! Consultation
Organized by Resona Bank, Ehle institute
Co-sponsored by Saitama Resona Bank, Kansai Mirai Bank, Minato Bank, Resona Research Institute, Inc.
Osaka Immigration Bureau, MORI KOSAN Co.Ldt (WA.SA.Bi.)
Kansai Economic Federation (ABC Platform, SME Support Subcommittee, Human Resource Development Subcommittee)
Admission: Free

Please refer to the following link for registration and details.

Deadline: Friday, March 17

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